WHO HASN’T STRUGGLED OR FELT PRESSURE FROM WITHIN TO KEEP UP TO THAT ZEALOUS PERSON at some point? Someone who seems to have all the answers or brilliant ideas – or at least offers them up so much quicker? Maybe in a meeting, at work, in the classroom, even in the social circle – anywhere there’s a conversation or invitation to share.

[This author raises her hand.]

Or maybe you didn’t scramble to keep up, you just felt a tiny bit of resentment, or maybe felt a little disheartened or disappointed in yourself that – again – you didn’t share anything or didn’t have as ‘good’ an idea, or think of a solution ‘in time’ or as fast?

[This author’s hand is still raised.]

May I offer to you some perspectives on these experiences:

~ Maybe it’s not about keeping up with them.

~ Maybe it just isn’t or wasn’t your time to have the idea (or to share it – in the case that the same idea came to you just as they began to speak, or they’d posted it before you were able to).

~ Maybe it’s about allowing – and perhaps even helping – that other person to ‘shine’ in that moment.

~ Maybe that’s been your role many times, and many times yet to come: facilitating the shining of others.

~ Maybe your time to shine is elsewhere: at another time, perhaps another place, in a circumstance you cannot even conceive of at this moment because it is yet to unfold.

Wishing you a day where you feel so confident and comfortable that there’s no need to prove yourself – and you’re able to notice and take opportunities to help others shine. ❤