TIME ITSELF MIGHT NOT HEAL ALL, but time does provide distance from whatever happened – which might serve to…

~ help us gain or clarify our perspective on it, once it’s not to be the biggest thing in our world (as it might have been right after it happened) – as we continue to have other experiences and opportunities beyond it.

~ let the pain dissipate a little around something that was incredibly acute – hours, days, or months ago.

~ allow it to be a little easier to process: to contemplate within ourselves or talk about with others to get support.

~ let us take a step back and contemplate things from other perspectives, see aspects of the situation we might not have immediately noticed. Our instantaneous reaction can be quite raw and emotional, particularly as we focus on how the experience impacted us. It can be difficult to see other factors around the situation in that moment, so it can be helpful to take time to reflect on a broader picture.

~ give us the opportunity to ask questions or seek additional information, if relevant. What were the causes? What was the impetus for this thing occurring? Some ideas about ‘why’ it happened might arise, and while knowing the ‘why’ might not give us peace, depending on the issue, it might supply more pieces of the puzzle, and fill in some blanks that will help us sort things out.

Sometimes we feel called to wait but we still let the ‘shoulds’ drive us: we ‘should’ talk to the person, raise the issue, get it out in the open and try to resolve it – right away, because that’s what we’re ‘supposed’ to do.

While waiting might not be applicable or the best idea in all situations, sometimes it is the best way forward if it feels right.

Let this be a prompt to trust your inner knowing, your intuition, your gut: if you feel called to allow some time to pass before approaching an issue, trust that. Getting some time and distance – perhaps only for a few minutes or a few months or more – might be more helpful than reacting from a place of instantaneous hurt or anger.

Wishing you a day of clear discernment and trusting your intuition as you decide what to tackle right away and what to allow time to work a little magic on. ❤

(Photo by Puscau Daniel Florin, pexels(dot)com)