THE PERSON WHO MAKES THE DECISION WE THINK IS STUPID or ill-conceived made it using at least some of the same processes we use to make our own decisions (the ones that we think are sound and, well, really great ideas).

They likely used a little bit of the following:

~ information (x, y, and z pieces of information – which may be more or less or different than what we know to be true about the same situation),

~ logic and intellect (how they are putting the information together, whether it seems sound or rational to us or not – they used their own logic and intellect to do that),

~ intuition or instinct (it feels right, they sense it’s a good idea).

It’s also unlikely they made the decision to make our lives harder or to upset us.

While it would likely serve everyone to have more context or background to help each other understand when decisions are made, in the absence of that…

~ can we remember this commonality about the decision-making process when we learn of others’ decisions?

~ can it help us be a little more compassionate, knowing that they arrived at their decision using the same tools we use?

~ can we be curious instead of judgmental a little more often?

~ can we offer ideas (if given the opportunity) with an eye toward improving the situation rather than criticizing the decision?

…if for no other reason than TO GIVE OURSELVES A LITTLE MORE PEACE as we decide our next step as a result of the decision that’s been made?

Wishing you a day of being curious, inquisitive, and open to learning more – in the face of decisions that don’t jive with your sensibility. ❤

Photo by James Wheeler, pexels(dot)com