There’s a lovely quote about how a bird sitting on a tree branch is not afraid of the branch breaking because of its faith in its own wings. (Paraphrased here, but proper quote attributed to Charlie Wardle.)

Looking at this from a slightly different angle:

If we think of ourselves as that bird…

~even if we are afraid of the branch breaking and

~we think of it often,

~we wonder if/when it might happen,

~we do all the things within our power that we can think of to prevent it from breaking

ultimately we have no control over the stability of the tree branch.

If one day that branch does break, we discover our ability to fly.

~We might never have known the strength of our wings had we not been given the opportunity to fly.

~We might never have known our resilience in the face of that thing we feared until it happened and we discovered we could get through it.

~We also might never have known what was beyond the tree, itself, unless we were forced to venture further afield.

Consider all that you have been through so far and how you’ve made it through.

Remember: you are stronger and more resilient than you think.

Wishing you a day in which you trust in yourself and your own abilities – even just a little more than you did yesterday. ☺️ ❤️