WHEN IT COMES TO THINGS OF A SPIRITUAL NATURE, say, an experience, a message we may have received, a concept, etc., we all look outside ourselves – to others – for validation or confirmation from time to time.

It’s human nature to seek connection and find commonality with folks. The desire to feel supported and to not feel alone is natural.

But be mindful to TAKE OTHERS’ INPUT WITH A GRAIN OF SALT, and not as gospel.

Be careful not to hold others’ opinions with higher esteem than your own.

Notice when someone else’s comment feels out of alignment or just doesn’t feel right to you.

Trust that your intuition is telling you something with the presence – or lack – of resonance that comes to you upon receiving what they have said.

Remember, there isn’t one, singular correct answer to be found.

You are asking for confirmation about something you already know, deep within.

Wishing you a day of trusting your own vibes. ❤