THE GOOD THINGS WE SEE COMING INTO OTHERS’ LIVES (or what we perceive to be ‘good’ from our unique viewpoint) are going to be necessarily different from what must come our way to benefit us on our own journey.

Inviting each of us to keep watching and staying open and observant to notice the good things coming our way – the happy moments, the ‘wins,’ the good fortune, the windfalls of some major or minor variety whether in a figurative or literal sense, and so on.

Can we, if even here and there, shift focus away from comparison to what ‘they’ have (and its inextricably linked sidekick: feelings of deficiency around what we have) – and back toward our own path and what is in our midst, so we don’t miss noticing the bright spots right in front of us? ❤

(Photo by Achim Bongard, pexels(dot)com)