IF (OR WHEN) THE THING YOU’RE WORRIED ABOUT ACTUALLY HAPPENS, you will deal with it – just as you have dealt with all the things that have happened in your life before – whether it came out of left field or whether you had worried that it might happen.

Worrying about something ahead of time does not make it easier to deal with if it happens.

Certainly be thoughtful about what could happen and prepare for what you can. Then, if something comes into your awareness later that you have forgotten, do what you can to fix it or remedy the situation if it’s possible at that point – but then let it go: you’ve done all you can.

Worry is the hamster wheel you’re on that is preventing you from being present with whatever it is that you’re doing – being engaged in a conversation with someone, or simply being able to enjoy what else is happening that is positive and fun in your midst.

So, if worrying doesn’t help, what WILL help?

Stepping off the hamster wheel and REMINDING YOURSELF THAT YOU CAN…

~ TRUST your capability to handle whatever arises – this will help.

~ TRUST your ability to seek and find resources and assistance if and when you need it – this will help.

~ TRUST that you can shift your thinking to something else without it impacting the outcome of the other situation – this will help.

~ BE PRESENT in this moment and engaged in whatever it is you’re doing – this will help.

THESE THINGS BRING A SENSE OF EASE, which will have you…

~ better placed to handle any challenges that do arise, and

~ open to any favourable outcome that might arise, or – if you feel a favourable outcome is simply not possible in this situation – finding some sliver of a silver lining in whatever the outcome (neither of which are things you’re likely putting much thought toward at this point).

Feeling at ease brings more feelings of ease, as like attracts like, and from this place you are better placed to handle anything that comes your way. ❤

(Photo by Felix Mittermeier, pexels(dot)com)