RESISTANCE IS FUTILE – it’s the famous catch phrase of the Borg in Star Trek (well, it’s famous to us Star Trek fans, anyway 😉 ).

But as it applies to…

~ what is – right at this moment
~ what has already happened – in the past
~ how we feel – right now…

…resistance IS futile.

While we can rally against these things we don’t like…

~ resisting what is – immersed in and dwelling on the desire for the present situation to be different
~ resisting what has already happened – wishing something had happened differently
~ resisting how we feel and stuffing it down – perhaps judging ourselves, thinking we’re supposed to be ‘over it’ or should be done with the sadness, anger, or discontent ‘by now’ – as though there were some universal time limit that our emotions must abide by…

…the resistance doesn’t actually do us much good. It just expends energy that can spiral us into deeper unhappiness.

Resisting it just extends and prolongs our discontent.

ACCEPTANCE OF THE CURRENT STATE offers us a starting point that we can move forward from and make meaningful change.

Inviting you to find a way to acceptance of where you’re at, what you feel, and what’s already happened – so that you can move forward with intention and grace. ❤

(Photo by Sevenstorm Juhaszimrus, pexels(dot)com)