THERE IS NOTHING GREATER THAN ANY OF US – the being, the essence, the spirit that is each one of us.

There are forces greater than our physical bodies, but the essence that is each of us cannot be destroyed – it has withstood it all.

Maybe you believe in multiple lifetimes and reincarnation, or another experience that continues in some other form beyond this lifetime.

Maybe you don’t.

But even if we consider the law of conservation of energy which states that energy can never be created or destroyed but only changed from one form to another, then the energy that makes up ‘you’ is likely to continue on in some form beyond this lifetime.

One view we could take is that we are here to enjoy some of the magic of life just as it is, or simply to lean in and learn from our own journey and from others.

There are infinite ways to look at life and what happened before and after – none of them right or wrong. Each one of us finds the perspective that feels right for us, which might even change over time.

Trusting that you find some sense of support and value in this message – however you conceive of life to be. ❤

(Photo by Pixabay, pexels(dot)com)