As I reflected on my recent post about uncertainty (Shaking the Uncertainty) and trusting that things are always working out even though you can’t see or control the outcome, a personal experience came to mind I felt called to share with you:

Once upon a time I was depressed and uncertain, living in Vancouver, in debt, unhappy in my job, and unclear on what to do to change my situation and just feel happier. My mind was on a loop, going over and over what to do – and I couldn’t seem to figure it out. So I continued on the same path: trying, day-in day-out, to make the best of my job, but dreaded going into work each day. It was no fault of the company I worked for or the people with whom I worked, but it just wasn’t a good fit for me. The cloudy and rainy westcoast weather didn’t help my mood, either.

My unhappiness continued throughout the Fall and Winter and into the Spring.

All of this happened many years before I had heard anything about the idea of putting something out to the universe; but by feeling the deep desire for a change to my circumstances – I had actually done just that.

In the Spring, during a phone conversation with a friend I shared my desire for a change in my current situation, and she mentioned the possibility of a job opening where she was working – in a small town in Alberta.

I’d never even been to Alberta.

But within one month of that phone call I’d had a phone interview, accepted the job, and had given away or sold any of my belongings that wouldn’t fit in my car, and drove – sight-unseen – to a job in Alberta in May.

If you had asked me in October or January or even March – literally at ANY point before that phone call – I would have had NO idea about this job. None. Zero. Alberta was probably the furthest thing from my mind at that time, let alone any thoughts of moving there.

Yet the unexpected opportunity came up, and I went for it and made a choice. And it was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

One might say it was good fortune, good timing, coincidence, or luck – and maybe I thought it was those things at the time, too.

Today, I choose to view the universe as always providing options and unexpected solutions – all the time.

The goal in sharing this story (apart from simply sharing a bit more about myself with you) is to illustrate the point that there is always an opportunity, a choice to be made, a new idea or plan right around the corner – something that we have absolutely NO idea of right now. We cannot see what surprises lay beyond this moment.

Consider your desire for a change, for an answer, for a shift. Keep the belief and that glimmer of hope that you will find what you seek.
Tomorrow, or next week, or in a month or 6 months, or 2 years – at some point when you least expect it, an option, a solution, an idea WILL present itself to shift things in a wonderfully magical way for you.

Remain open, continue to trust that things are working out in your favour, and you’ll spot and select the opportunities that feel right for you. ❤