“I don’t know how to shake off the uncertainty.”

A friend of mine is concerned about something outside of her control, and that is what she said to me today.

My response to her: continually bring yourself into the present moment. When you catch yourself thinking about the future, intentionally say to yourself: that is then, that is the future – but I am here right now.

What am I doing – right now.

What can I do – in this moment, in this next moment.

What can I control – my actions and my thoughts right now.

Focus on what you can control.

Imagined scenarios create stress and anxiety. With such a busy mind, you are less able to receive opportunities and ideas that come into your awareness. You are more open to seeing possibility when you are in a calm neutral mindset.

Start again in any moment: bring yourself back to this moment.

I also suggested she find a way to trust: really trust that things work out. Not only that things WILL work out – in future tense. But that things ARE working out, right now – this very moment. All of your experiences are part of your path. You are exactly where you need to be.

How many times have you – we all – spent time being concerned about a situation, going over and over the possible outcomes, only to realize afterward that no amount of wondering or concern impacted its outcome?

Each time you get through whatever comes to pass. What helps you get through is that once you are at that point you are responding, you are taking action. You’re no longer lost in thought, wondering, thinking of the myriad possible outcomes that could happen. You are doing something.

The present moment brings you back to where you are, where you CAN take action. You can focus on what is in front of you right now. Even if the task at hand seems menial, or unimportant, even if it’s not monumental – action helps you feel more empowered.

Remind yourself: here I am, I am here, and this is what I am choosing to do and think in this moment. ❤