WE ARE FAR MORE THAN OUR PHYSICAL BODIES. It can be difficult for any of us to realize this, as we’re so immersed in our day-to-day life in this three-dimensional world. Our physical body is the mode through which we experience life, after all.

But it’s my view that our essence transcends our physical body – and time and place and space.

We are limited on this earth by our physical bodies in as much as we require sleep and food and other features of the 3D world to function.

Caring for our physical body can help us to feel in alignment with that true essence within each of us, helping us stay clearer, more aware of our energy, and perhaps be able to notice our inner wisdom, the messages and inspiration we receive – a little more easily.

It can benefit our intuitive connection, but no level of health is required to have such a connection.

WE ALL HAVE AN INTUITIVE CONNECTION and have an ability to receive inner wisdom – no matter what our vices, our struggles, our stresses or frustrations.

It’s not about being perfect, or about absolutes either.

Over the years I’ve heard spiritual teachers give directives like: in order to connect intuitively, or to our guides, to receive messages, to tune into energy, etc. – one must not have caffeine, or sugar, or alcohol, etc., or perhaps some other activity or practice that must be done or not done.

While not unhealthy directives in and of themselves, to link these things to spirituality or intuitive connectivity (more specifically – to a lack thereof) can be harmful.

It can create the mistaken belief that those who partake in these ‘vices’ are not as spiritually connected as those who have given them up, or that we’re only connected when these things are absent from our system.

It can create an unnecessary struggle to trust ourselves through this fear of ‘not doing it right’ – suggesting that we must be in a certain state in order to tune in – which is counterproductive.

Those who give directives for such absolutes are passing on what they’ve found helpful (or a hindrance) for themselves on their journey, or what they’ve been told – sharing it as ‘this is how it is.’

But it’s not how it is for everyone.

As I see it, spiritual connection is not about being the fittest, the soberest, or the most well-rested.

In fact, it’s more about the acceptance of our so-called imperfections and challenges.

It’s about developing and honing a keen awareness of how we feel, and improving that awareness, following what feels ‘right’ deep down within from moment to moment, and building on that.

The strength of one’s intuitive connection involves remaining open, trusting ourselves, and being discerning about what guidance we follow as we notice what feels right – but not striving to be in some sort of pristine state – physically or otherwise.

Allow this to be a simple reminder to be patient with yourself, and be kind to yourself today on your path. ❤

(Photo by Mwabonje, pexels(dot)com)