If someone tells you, advises you, encourages you to do something …
~ on your own life path,
~ with your future plans,
~ such as to participate (or not) in an event or activity, or
~ even to consume specific food or drink, or something else…
…and it doesn’t feel in alignment, doesn’t feel right – pause, notice that, check in with what actually DOES FEEL RIGHT to you.

This might sound like a public service announcement for saying ‘no’ to peer pressure. But these things happen all the time throughout our lives: strong confident voices of certainty telling us to do something which might not actually be valid or meaningful or correct for us in that moment or on our own journey – it just might not feel right.

We always have a choice, but sometimes our own inner voice feels diminished – perhaps a whisper – compared to the conviction of the other’s voice or strength of their beliefs.

Listen for your inner voice, and allow it to be heard.

Note: This is not to be confused with confident voices who are actually experts in their field, such as doctors and scientists who have spent years studying and working in their field, or artists or craftspeople who have spent a lifetime honing their craft – who give us advice or share knowledge relating to their field of knowledge.

It is important to discern and ‘tease out’ what and whom we decide to trust – it’s a part of the journey of life. We’re always learning, and through a combination of our intellect and intuition – that is, wherever we are on the intuition continuum in that moment – we make the best decisions we can at each step. ❤

This message was conveyed to me in a recent dream, and I felt called to share it with you.

(Photo by Phil Mitchell, pexels(dot)com)