The gut feelings, ideas, even images and messages that arise – we tend to think they’re coming FROM elsewhere TO us because we’re just discovering them, so it’s difficult to conceive of how they could possibly be accessible within us already.

All that we receive from our intuition is coming from within, from what we are at our core – underneath all the fears and conditioning, beneath all the doubts and beliefs.

But we are likely to doubt that these ideas and messages are coming from within because if we thought they were…

~ we’d probably also think they wouldn’t feel like a discovery, there’d be nothing unexpected or surprising about them – we’d know it all already, wouldn’t we? – and/or –

~ we’d probably also explain them away as ‘imagination,’ dismissing them as being of little value because we just ‘made it up.’

We often think things have more value if they come from elsewhere – from outside of ourselves, from someone seemingly more knowledgeable, or something/someone all-knowing such as ‘the universe’ or ‘spirit’ or even a ‘spirit guide.’

We’ve spent a lifetime learning from – and being taught by – others. Perhaps we’ve even felt that we were always a little short of the information we needed, never quite knowing ‘enough.’ How, then, could the very information we’re discovering and finding the most valuable, be coming from within ourselves?!

But I invite contemplation of the idea that getting quiet to tune into our intuition might not actually be allowing messages to come through FROM anywhere else, but rather the quiet is allowing us to notice these things as they reach the surface WITHIN ourselves, within our being – pieces of information that have always been there but simply haven’t been in view before now. They were just waiting for the right moment to reveal themselves. ❤