WHEN A PERSON TALKS AND TALKS AND TALKS… and talks, not letting someone else get a word in edgewise – it’s easy to think: Ugggghhh!! This person is totally self-absorbed, and not being perceptive or considerate of their conversation partner(s) and what they might want to share, not showing interest in others – or whatever frustration comes to mind.

Recently a friend shared their observation and experience of someone talking the ear off someone else, not inviting or letting the other person share, nor letting them get a word in to the conversation.

My friend was frustrated, as this wasn’t the first time they’d witnessed such behaviour by this person. They shared how inconsiderate they thought it was, seeming to not show interest in their conversation partner and what they might wish to contribute.

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Experiencing this, or witnessing such a situation unfolding in front of us.

But, what if, next time: we could invite ourselves to observe this situation with more compassion, and consider that maybe this person…

…hasn’t felt heard.

…is simply eager to share, and perhaps they’ve felt they’ve stayed quiet so long, listening to others seemingly hog the spotlight, and just now they’ve finally been given an opportunity to speak and share – and they’re taking advantage of it, unsure when the next time will be.

…feels as though they have not been asked directly about themselves, or for their input – for so long that they have pent up stories and comments to share, finally being given an opening to do so.

…just misses the social cues and struggles to fit in and feel accepted, and shares about themselves when they can in an effort to feel connected.

Would any of the above help ease the frustration – if we were able to see their behaviour from a different perspective?

Perhaps MORE invitations offered for this person to share (not fewer) would actually help them express themselves, feel heard and valued, and would actually, in time – diminish the domination of the conversation, and might, just might, eventually facilitate more balanced conversations.

Creating space for others to be heard is something we can all do.

Just some Saturday reflections. ❤️