IF SOMEONE DIDN’T INVITE YOU TO THEIR PARTY or that special event, and you’re starting to feel (or maybe already in full-swing of feeling) upset, left out or disappointed, perhaps even going so far as thinking this tells you that you’re not ‘liked’ or ‘needed’ or ‘wanted’ by this person – may I offer some questions for you to consider:

~ is it possible that they made a judgment call, to the best of their ability, that you (and probably others) might not be a good fit for this experience – that it was less about your friendship or being ‘liked’ but rather an estimation of how you might enjoy (or not) the event? Whether or not you think: ‘but I would want to be the judge of that!’ – perhaps there were elements of the situation that they anticipated might be problematic, but that you aren’t/weren’t aware of – or whatever the case may have been, ultimately they just made a call.

~ is it possible that you were unintentionally missed? Perhaps it was not a wilful exclusion but simply an oversight. Reminder to those who might say: ‘but how could they forget ME?’ – when a person is in the midst of planning and handling many details, or their life is just very busy and their plate is full – it’s possible for some folks to miss and forget things – yes, even inviting friends to something. [Imagine a scene of people getting ready to host the party, waiting for the guests to arrive, but then realizing, after all the meticulous preparation, they forgot to actually invite anyone 😆 – I’m sure it’s happened.]

~ did you really want to go to this event, deep-down, or was it more about feeling included? Are you, perhaps, even a little relieved that you don’t have to go – but you’re allowing yourself to dwell on guesses as to ‘why’ you weren’t invited? Can you perhaps shift toward reveling in the fact that you don’t actually ‘have’ to go?

~ what can you plan to do instead? Could you create a plan for yourself for the same time period that you can get enthused about?
Something a therapist said to me many years ago has stuck with me:

~ Why would you want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with you?

One could extend that to an event:

~ Why would you want to be at an event that you haven’t been included in?

Inviting you to GAIN A LITTLE MORE INNER PEACE BY CONSIDERING OTHER POSSIBILITIES. This can help bring you out of the doldrums and back to moving forward with trust that things are always unfolding in your best interest. ❤

Photo by Egor Kamelev, pexels(dot)com