WHAT STORY ARE YOU WEAVING in your own mind that is making a situation more complex?

I bet you’ve done it. We’ve all done it.

Maybe you’re doing it right now! Maybe it’s making you feel upset, angry, or frustrated.

First of all, it’s OK – you’re human: you have reactions and emotions – even if you’re doing it to yourself, in a sense, with a story you’re creating. 😉

However, is it possible you could take a small step back and pick apart the story a little, to identify:

– What’s actually true about the situation?
– What are you assuming?
– What is imagined?
– What detail is it that your mind running away with and weaving the big story around?

I NOTICED MYSELF CREATING A STORY A FEW DAYS AGO after learning one small piece of information.

I ran away with a scenario based on an assumption related to the detail.

It had me doubting various things and I started to feel down and bummed out for awhile as a result.

Even though I felt upset, here are the ‘wins’ from the situation:
– I witnessed it happening: I noticed that I was creating a bigger story out of something very small. Awareness is key.- I still felt the feelings that were coming along with this story, despite observing it. What I mean by this is: simply noticing something about ourselves or our reactions doesn’t necessarily resolve the issue immediately. But it’s a first step.
– After awhile, I chose to pick apart the story and found some flaws in what I was creating. There were things I didn’t actually know to be true. I was creating this scenario.
– The foundation of my story became shakier: I could see the root assumption I was making that everything else hinged upon. The story began to lose its strength.
– It helped to share it with a trusted friend. By summarizing my story to them, it helped me identify the assumptions.

Some other questions I asked myself:
– What is true about me and my dependence on the outcome of the situation, and/or my connection to the people involved?
– Can I let go of this tight grasp on what is outside of my control – these imagined stories and narratives that I’m allowing to rule my emotions at the moment?
– What do I trust about myself and my own resilience? Can I find a way to trust all will be well regardless of the outcome?
– How would this experience become easier if I could take a step back and allow myself to stay grounded in the present moment?

Inviting you to pick apart a story you’re telling yourself – so that you might find a little more simplicity and peace. ❤