When I get too busy in my thinking mind, carried away, trying to figure out what’s next, or go through various possible outcomes – it can seem a bit like my thoughts are a bunch of balloons which I’m trying to grasp at – as they float higher and higher.

As I struggle to keep all these thought-balloons close-by, I feel scattered and ungrounded (and I’m usually never even close to finding a resolution to the issue, either).
Sometimes it takes a conscious reminder for me to come back to my heart.

I visualize bringing all those thoughts back down and tied securely to a rock I’m holding at the level of my heart, which I see as representing TRUST:
– trust that I don’t have to figure it all out or imagine all possible outcomes
– trust that very little is in my control, and that’s ok
– trust that all is working out as it is meant to
– trust that I’m doing my best

In this way, I bring myself back to a state of calm, my thoughts back to some semblance of stillness, and get back to the grounded state of being present – a point from which I can more clearly and calmly feel into my next step in this moment.