TO FIND A SOLUTION TO AN ISSUE IN ONE’S LIFE, or a way to simply ‘feel better’ when upset, unwell, confused or unclear, it usually requires:

~an openness to different ideas,

~a willingness to explore options, and

~the ability to entertain possibilities with some curiosity.

~trust that a resolution, indeed, can and will be found – somehow, some way – without holding an expectation of how or when.

To find a way to feel better or get over or move through a difficult experience, ONE MUST BE OPEN TO A SOLUTION THAT DOES NOT INVOLVE CHANGING ANYONE BUT OURSELVES – our own approach, thoughts, beliefs, and so on.

Grumbling about what others have done might help release the pressure, and talking about it might help us synthesize and understand what happened, but we cannot count on others to change in a way that suits us or solves the problem.

Getting through it – whatever ‘it’ is – and moving forward is all about us and what changes we make, ourselves. ❤

(Photo by Sunil Patel, pexels(dot)com)