EVERYTHING SHIFTS when we realize that other people’s actions, reactions, and the words they say are all about them.

Really. Just that.

Whether it’s sparked by something we’ve said or done, it’s also about…
~ where they’re at emotionally, how confident or vulnerable they’re feeling;
~ what they’ve seen and experienced and learned so far;
~ what their plans are;
~ what they fear and what they love;
~ what they assume about us, others, and any situation.
It’s about them.

THE MORE WE EMBRACE THIS the easier we are likely to find our interactions.

Of course…
~ we can seek to be understood clearly;
~ we can choose to learn from others’ responses and reactions, and choose how we allow it to impact us;
~ we can be mindful how much we contort ourselves in order to present ourselves or speak or act in a way we guess that others might like us ‘better’ or see us a certain way.

WHEN WE APPROACH OUR INTERACTIONS FROM A GROUNDED PLACE, trusting that we’ll draw toward us and connect with the people who do ‘get’ us – that’s where we will find confidence.

Wishing you a day of groundedness and confidence in your interactions.

(Photo by Ünsal Demirbaş, pexels(dot)com)