‘DO WHAT YOU CAN, WITH WHAT YOU’VE GOT, WHERE YOU ARE.’ ~Bill Widener (although this quote is often attributed to Theodore Roosevelt).
When the events of the world feel scary, overwhelming, and difficult to fathom, and perhaps leave you wondering: what can I do to make a difference all the way over here in [insert your geographical location here]?
In your own little corner of the world – in your interactions, gestures, and actions – perhaps be a little kinder, a bit more understanding, and extend more compassion to others than you have before.
The world can use more peace and love, and this will come from each one of us exhibiting and embodying these qualities, ourselves.
And when you falter or fall short, just pick yourself up and keep going – endeavouring to do ‘better’ (whatever that means for you) in the next moment, and the next moment, and so on – without judging yourself for being imperfect.