I have great memories of my dad describing – with great enthusiasm and in a very animated way – things he was interested in, excited about, had just discovered, or just found really amazing.

Often he described food this way: perhaps part of a meal or dessert he had recently eaten, and usually something very simple like how wonderful the bread and butter tasted. You could almost taste it, yourself – or at least you wanted to – because of his enthusiasm for it.

I’m certain my dad knew we noticed and cherished his infectious way of describing things. In fact, we would occasionally poke fun at it (as families do) and mimic his enthusiasm; and after all, imitation is the highest form of flattery. 😉

But in general we may not know what others remember fondly and cherish about us.

It might be something simple, like how we say certain words or describe something, or our enthusiasm or our laugh or sense of humour – any of which we would likely never think twice about or notice ourselves but for some reason it means the world to another person. It sort of defines us in their mind, and the memory of this particular characteristic encapsulates some small part of who we are.

Food for thought.

Perhaps this is a surprise piece of news to you that the quirks and oddities that you feel you have are actually considered wonderful features of you that another person cherishes.

Perhaps this is a prompt to reach out and let someone in your life (or someone with whom you haven’t connected in awhile) know what characteristics about them you remember with fondness. Even if they have transitioned and are no longer in the 3D world, we can still trust that sending a thought or message to them will be received.

Or perhaps this simply serves as a reminder of someone in your life – present or past – that brings a smile to your face as you remember something about them.