Consider paying attention to the times that you think to yourself ‘YES, BUT’ when you have something, and yet you continue to see a deficiency.
I do this. We all do it. In a world full of comparison, we’re often looking for something more or different than what we have right now.

But I also notice how great it feels to acknowledge what is present, full-stop.

Shining the spotlight on what I do have – away from the perceived deficiency has a lightness to it.

It’s the perception of deficiency that is a heavy feeling.

For example…

~ You notice a positive comment or ‘like’ on something you posted on social media. Do you think to yourself: YES, BUT I only got one ‘like,’ or only one person commented?
💙 Explore just letting it sink in that: one person felt strongly enough to like or leave a comment on my post; it resonated for someone, for one other person – how great is that that I reached another person.

~ You think of your connections and network. Do you think to yourself: YES, BUT I don’t have many friends. YES, BUT I don’t really click with most of my coworkers, or have many connections in my field?
💙 Explore just letting it sink in that: I do have one close friend, or I actually have someone I connect with at work or in my field or network so far. Without seeing anything as missing, this is what you do have. What is great about the singular or few connections I do have.

~ You consider where you live. Do you think to yourself: YES, BUT it’s just a small apartment. YES, BUT – I just rent. YES, BUT I have roommates. YES, BUT I still live with my parents?
💙 Explore just letting it sink in that: I have a place to live that works for me right now, or I have a portion of a living space that’s mine for the time being, or I live in this space that’s temporary. What is it that feels good about the place you have – at least for now.

BEING GRATEFUL FOR WHAT WE HAVE CAN BE A CONCEPT THAT’S HARD TO GRASP in some areas or times of our lives more than others.
Gratitude can feel like a lot to ask of ourselves sometimes. It can feel effortful when all we see is deficiency.

So, how about we just start with acknowledging the things that we do have, and just letting that awareness sink in a little.
Allow ourselves to rest our attention on what we have.

If we put mental blinders on for a short while, pull down the shutters on comparison so that we aren’t looking around to see what else we think we could, should, or don’t have, we can focus a little more on the value of what we have, what is already in our life experience.

Things are always changing and shifting. Everything is temporary to some degree.

Be curious about nurturing a favourable view of what you do have and how it can serve you at this moment.

Wishing you a day full of finding ways to savour the moment and the circumstances you’re in. ❤️

[Updated March 30, 2023]

(Photo by Matheus Bertelli, pexels(dot)com)