IF THINGS ARE DIFFICULT FOR YOU RIGHT NOW, please remember that it (whatever ‘it’ is for you that is weighing so heavily on you) will pass, or will alleviate – if even a little – and the figurative (and literal 😉) sun will shine again over your world.

Trust that there is more laughter to come, more smiles and good times.

It might be hard to see that at the moment. You might not want to believe me given the depth of what you’re experiencing right now, and I cannot promise you as to when it will happen, but just hold on – you will feel better and you will come to a brighter place and feel clearer. ❤

IF THINGS ARE WONDERFUL FOR YOU RIGHT NOW, enjoy it, revel in it, and resist to urge to wonder when ‘the other shoe will drop’ or the next ‘bad’ thing might be to come along and spoil this good run of happiness and ease. While life is full of a spectrum of experiences – there are plenty that bring joy and peace in different forms.

Instead, I invite you to enjoy the lovely moments to the fullest, and trust that many others – none quite the same as the last – will follow close behind.
Until the next wonderful moment, may you notice the silver lining in as much of your life as you can. ❤

Note: the snowdrop flower symbolizes ‘new beginnings, hope, rebirth and the ability to overcome challenges’ – per bloomandwild(dot)com

(Photo by Nikolett Emmert, pexels(dot)com)