WE OFTEN WANT TO BE THE PERSON ANOTHER CHOOSES – as a friend or confidante, for a job, as a partner, as a preferred practitioner – the ego wants to be chosen and to be the favourite.

But we might not be chosen in every case, because the other person has their own preferences – and these preferences are very much to do with themselves and the environment they’re in – and very much NOT to do with our value.

Their choice of someone else is not because we are ‘wrong’ or ‘not good enough.’ We are just not a good fit for that person, that job, that environment, or that situation in that moment.

Whatever it is that you seek – you fit somewhere, and you’ll find it or them eventually, and it will feel like a fit on both sides of the equation.

It might not be today, or next week or even next year – but you’ll find it, and likely when you least expect it.

Encouraging you to stop letting others’ preferences govern how you see your own value, and how you see yourself. Trust that you have incredible value, and that you hold an important place in this world. ❤

(Photo by pascal claivaz, pexels(dot)com)