REMINDER: THEY ARE NOT BETTER THAN YOU. In this world of overabundant comparison to others, within the perspective some of us hold, we might feel that someone else – or perhaps most other people seem to have it all figured out: that they know so much more than us, that they are somehow ‘better’ and that we are inferior.

But others do not share all the days and experiences of your years, nor have they walked your steps in this world or shared all your interactions and thoughts.

Your experience surpasses theirs in some areas such that you may be their ‘teacher’ in some way on their journey, meanwhile you can learn a great deal from them in other areas.

Remaining open to others having greater knowledge while maintaining the sense of one’s own abilities is the key to humility and confidence together.

May we always strive to hold both simultaneously and overcome the tendency to see ourselves as forever in deficiency, but rather as forever having the capacity to both help and be helped – as things shift throughout our daily life and interactions. ❤