THE LOUDEST VOICE IN THE ROOM, the one that speaks with most conviction, or the one who posts on social media boldly and with certainty that ‘this is how it is’ – is not always correct.

Often the wisest person in the room or involved in any activity or on social media might be the quietest – the one who says or posts very little.
We can apply something similar to ourselves:

~ OUR EGO (or whatever you like to call the fear-based voice within us trying to keep us safe) scrambles to be heard, speaking loudly in our minds and thoughts, keeping us busy noticing every minute detail, and often developing them into far bigger issues than are warranted.

~ OUR INTUITION (or whatever you like to call the supportive guiding voice in each of us) is the wise, calm, quiet voice within ourselves that knows what is the right decision or action for us to take, and yet can be difficult to hear over the ‘shouting’ thoughts of the ego.

Sometimes our ego has valid points of concern to which we must pay heed, as does the loudest person in the room, or the one who posts bold messages, so it’s valuable to listen, read, and discern, but not follow blindly.

But it’s also important to get quiet, tune in, and check what feels right through our intuition, just as it is to check in with the knowledge of the quieter folks in the room, the situation, or on social media.

Wishing you a day of discernment as you hear messages and information generated from within yourself and from others. ❤