WE WILL ALWAYS BE THE VILLAIN IN SOMEONE’S STORY, whether we’ve earned it or not. <– I heard this said by Gabrielle Union on the podcast Armchair Expert not long ago.

I often write about how we tend to imagine that others think worse of us than they likely do, and I trust that for the most part that’s the case: we are hardest on ourselves, and often extend that to an assumption that others are also much more critical of us than they actually are.

But, we might, indeed, be the villain in someone’s story, and we might never know. We can’t actually be certain what others think about us.

So what can we do when we hear a message like this, and begin to wonder who thinks us a villain?

Our mind could go in a million directions, to no avail. We will not uncover the answer we’ll just go round in circles.

We must simply build up our own foundation to weather such ideas.

Here are some reminders for you to help you rest into knowledge that you’re OK and the world needs you just as you are, even for…

~ your quirkiness and your idiosyncrasies,
~ your way of doing things very much by-the-book and step-by-step, or your workarounds and shortcuts,
~ your self-discipline, or your wandering focus of attention,
~ your great organizational skills, or your messiness as you prioritize other things,
~ your genuine mistakes as well as your capabilities,
~ your keen eye for the details, or your ability to think about the ‘big picture’ instead,
~ your convoluted explanations with a side of extra detail, or your ability to be very succinct and brief,
~ your inconsistency, or your consistency that is unwavering,
~ your expressive face and body language, or your poker face and ability to keep your thoughts feelings under wraps.

All the things that make up ‘you’ and your way of being and presenting yourself to the world – even the things you assess as things you need ‘to work on’ or things aren’t quite right or ‘as good’ as someone else – bring so much value to the world that you just can’t see.

The world would not be quite right without you just as you are.

Inviting you to see yourself with some rosier coloured glasses today. Who cares if you’re the villain in someone’s story – because you’re the hero in others’ stories, so just be sure to be the hero in your own. ❤

(Photo by Emmanuel Avila, pexels(dot)com)