In the book I’m reading, I came across this lovely passage and wanted to share it with you:

‘The mind is in a constant state of flux. No thought, no feeling, no sensation lasts for more than an instant before it is transformed into the next state, the next thought, the next sensation. Our life lasts only a moment. Note those moments. Acknowledge to yourself, silently in the heart, the various states pasting through. Call them by name. Note “fear,” note “doubt,” note “compassion” as these states pass through. Let this naming of states be a gentle whisper in the heart.’ ~ Stephen Levine, A Year to Live

A simple invitation to observe the impermanence, the fluidity of the feelings and thoughts we have. They are so fleeting – and yet in the moment it seems like we’ll feel this way forever, or that the thought or sensation is permanent or indelible or impossible to change.

May this provide a sense of gentleness with yourself and your feelings today – knowing each one is just passing by. ❤

Photo by Matthew Montrone, pexels(dot)com