I don’t know who said this first – but today it’s a message for anyone who needs it.

Sure, there are exceptions – notably when one of the options has a good chance of hurting another person in some way.

We could also get into a whole philosophical discussion about what is ‘right.’

But I’m referring to when we are caught up, wound up, or stuck – deliberating about a decision, wondering which is the right one to make.

It could be something as simple as: do I talk to the person, have the salad or the pasta, or go to the exercise class – or it could be what do I decide at this crossroads in my life about a major life choice.

I invite you to consider that none of the decisions are wrong, but that each one just takes you on a different path.

Even afterward, after the decision is made, there’s no need for: the other decision would have been better – because you can’t know that.

Who knows what other unexpected and unpredictable difficulties might have come along with the other decision that you are sure ‘would have been better.’

You can let your experience inform your next choice and help you decide differently next time.

But trusting that the decision you make – large or small – is the right one in that moment, lets you move on a little quicker without dwelling and ruminating for so long. It allows you to concentrate on what’s in front of you right now.

Wishing you day of trusting your choices. ❤

Photo by FOX, pexels(dot)com