ON SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE AND WHERE IT COMES FROM. I’m not in the business of telling anyone that they have spirit guides, totem animals or angels working with them – nor am I in the business of telling anyone that they DON’T have any of the above.

WHAT I AM ABOUT IS helping folks hear, see, feel – their intuition, their inner wisdom, and perhaps in the process shape their own concept of what they conceive of as the ‘spiritual world’ or ‘the universe’ or just simply where that intuitive information is coming from or to where it connects them.

I offer ideas and possibilities, but each of us gets to decide what it’s about for us – where it’s coming from: maybe it’s from a guide, another being, the universe (however you conceive of that to be), or maybe it’s simply coming from within.

Does it really matter where that wisdom, the messages, the ideas – are coming from? Some say yes, and I’m not arguing either side.

As my own understanding has evolved, though, I’ve simply found greater comfort in trusting the messages and ideas that I receive based on how I feel about them – do they resonate, how do I feel when I receive them – and less of a need to know who or where it’s from, as I find they appear in many forms.

HOW I SEE IT, is that each of us has an intuitive connection that has always been there, but for many of us and for much (or varying amounts) of our lives we might not recognize it, not hear it, not see it, not trust it – and might dismiss it too frequently, often because the messages and ideas that come up through our intuition…

~ …are too simple – many of us grow up and live our lives valuing the complex over the simplistic, therefore extending that belief to include the idea that something of such value (such as intuition or spirituality) must surely be very complicated, or…

~ …come through too easily – many of us tend to value things that require great skill to ‘conquer’ and understand, so we might expect it would require much effort to receive messages and ideas intuitively, or…

~ …are drowned out by the louder voice of the self-critic – not allowing our mind to ease its ruminating to notice it.

So, if you regularly connect with a spirit guide or angel or something else that you understand and define clearly to receive messages or guidance – amazing. I love that.

But, if trying to make an intentional connection to a guide or other ‘being,’ or to ‘spirit’ or ‘the universe’ seems a bit too complicated, or just the idea that receiving valuable information requires an intermediary seems unnecessary to you, or maybe in general it’s just something you can’t quite buy into – I love that, too.

No one knows the singular, sole truth of what is beyond the five senses. As we open up to possibilities, we simply develop a sense and a concept of what it is for us, individually – what feels right. And it doesn’t have to match what anyone else believes or shares.

Wishing you a day of staying open to possibilities about your intuition and what might be beyond the five senses, but ultimately – trusting what feels right to you – knowing that you don’t have to see things quite like anyone else. ❤

(Photo by Eileen lamb, pexels(dot)com)