SOME REFLECTION ON SYMBOLISM. Things don’t just come with inherent meaning, but rather we assign meaning to the things, or someone before us has assigned a meaning and we are made aware of it.

Perhaps the symbolism has been passed on and gained traction over time as it’s developed a stronger ‘meaning’ as more people believe it to be true.

But just as a black cat crossing your path could signify a bad omen for the day, it could just as easily mean that you will have a meaningful conversation with a loved one today, or that you’ll walk past an apple tree. It’s rather arbitrary.

Perhaps some will disagree with me and feel there is more universal meaning to things. Perhaps there is. 🤔

Regardless, symbolism is a large part of how we connect with others. We share a connection in the symbols we use, in the words and sounds we use to communicate, the music we enjoy and how we classify it – myriad things in life, including concepts and ideas and qualities are represented by words and images and symbols.

For today, I offer this image of Ganesh – of whom I know little, other than that he is generally known as a symbol of removing obstacles – indeed, he is often called the REMOVER OF OBSTACLES.

In-keeping with this symbol, I wish you a day where obstacles are removed and you experience smooth sailing in all that you do. ❤

(Photo by Niks Ads, Adobe Stock photos)

Edited April 7, 2023.