BETTER TO LEAVE THE TABLE A LITTLE BIT EMPTY THAN A LITTLE BIT FULL. This is a saying I grew up hearing – I believe it was something my granddad used to say to my mom, and then she passed it on.

Certainly a simple one to remember – literally as a way to curb overeating: stop eating before you’re full not after you’re too full.

But it can apply to other areas of life, too, can’t it?

The visit with that dear friend or family member – when you eventually part ways saying or thinking how there’s never enough time to catch up completely.

The great vacation – where you wish you’d had just a little bit longer.

Those are usually the best experiences – the ones that leave you wanting a bit more, not so tired and ‘done’ that you just can’t wait to leave.

The schedule for your day – usually a little better when there’s a break or two in it to offer some breathing room and it’s not completely jam-packed.

Leave a bit of space in your plans for the unexpected.

Leave a little openness in your awareness for what might arise through your mind’s eye.