I SEE THE IMAGINATION AS ONE ENVIRONMENT IN WHICH OUR SPIRIT, our soul, our consciousness – exists and plays.

Of course, our spirit, soul, consciousness (whatever word you’d like to use) is also us – existing in this 3D world.

But I see the imagination as playing a far more valuable role in our life experience than we give it credit for.

If you agree…

~ can you give your consciousness a fun – even funny, maybe hilarious, perhaps peaceful or serene, joyful, how about beautiful – environment within your imagination in which to flourish?

~ can you conjure up things – ideas, images, scenes, words, mantras, memories – in your mind’s eye that ‘feed’ your consciousness in these ways?

~ can you invite into your imagination beauty and humour? Creative ideas? A colourful backdrop? A feeling of compassion?

If you find yourself feeling concerned or having fearful thoughts or images come up…

~ trust that you are stronger than anything that seems scary in your mind’s eye and your imagination,

~ remember that you have the power to create (so perhaps create something beautiful and loving in its place), and also the power to shift your focus and attention,

~ release fear, and shift instead toward offering love and compassion to whatever comes up, which will diminish any perceived power you think it might have.

Wishing you a day of BEING THE LANDSCAPER OF YOUR IMAGINATION, cultivating an environment that is a lovely place for your spirit to spend time. ❤