Let’s stop trying to be perfect. Our imperfection is far more interesting.

Isn’t that why we love comedians? They point out inconsistencies? Share huge blunders?

Isn’t that a big part of how we identify with other people – in general? Making friends? Sure, it’s partly that we see things in a similar way and just feel a connection with them.

But isn’t it largely that we feel comfortable and safe to share our mistakes – because we know the other person isn’t perfect, either?

Isn’t our connection more often NOT based on how great everything is going, but rather – based on struggles, mistakes, challenges – and having someone else who can identify with them?

I remember hearing Dax Shepard on Armchair Experts podcast saying how he much prefers hearing people’s stories about where they failed, where they made a huge mistake, and even that he’d much rather hear a person play an instrument and make a mistake, rather than just play perfectly – that hearing a perfect performance is actually a bit boring. That actually makes so much sense.

In a time of lip injections and plastic surgery and camera filters – there is something beautiful about imperfection and being real. ❤

PS – Here’s a link to a great article on the benefits of laughing at oneself.