TRUST THAT THE CHANGES WITHIN OURSELVES THAT ARE MOST IMPORTANT, MOST IMPACTFUL – ARE OFTEN EFFORTLESSLY UNFOLDING under our radar – all the pieces coming together, percolating, and assembling under the surface.

Our subconscious – having taken in all the encouragement and messages and ideas along the way – is now running with a new narrative before we’re even conscious of it.

One day it surprises us with how far we’ve come, or with a newfound sense of our being, or purpose, or who we are in the world that bursts forth – one we weren’t aware of until that very moment.

A reminder for today to trust that much is happening beneath the surface, beneath your conscious awareness. Sometimes you need to try less, but continue to feed yourself healthy messages, and simply stay open to allowing whatever is to be revealed. It might move you forward in ways and directions you least expect. ❤

(Photo by Belle Co, pexels(dot)com)