FOLLOW YOUR EXCITEMENT. I have often written about how it’s important to explore and follow the thing that lights you up – even a little. But by following it, you might not end up there – where ‘there’ is the thing that initially sparked your interest.

Indeed there might be disappointment along the way, obstacles, a feeling that things ‘aren’t working out.’

You might say: But I’ve done that – I’ve followed the excitement, and look where it got me, or it didn’t go anywhere, or it didn’t get me where I’d wanted.

If you say those things, I invite you to take a closer look at where you are, where you went, and what happened along the way.

Maybe it’s not always about the destination, but rather what arose on the journey that was the key.

The draw to that glimmer of enthusiasm isn’t always about the end result.

It might be more about the people you meet along the way, the information gathered, the skills learned, the eyes opened to other experiences and possibilities, other doors opening and opportunities that arise along the way.

Inviting you to continue to explore the things that light you up inside, and to trust that they’re leading you somewhere valuable.

Stay open to possibilities, and to a winding path that might veer away from what initially sparked your enthusiasm. Release expectations. It’s about more than just an end result. ❤

(Photo by Photo by Oziel Gómez, pexels(dot)com)