(Originally posted Oct 9, 2018)

I love this guy’s perspective – Kyle Cease (picture above taken from his Facebook page).  I find his ideas super inspiring and motivating.  I’m in the middle of his book, I Hope I Screw This Up, which is great, and I recently stumbled upon this podcast/interview he did with Lewis Howes.  It’s quite long (1.5hr) but you can listen in shorter chunks and the messages are still so valuable.

Since many of you probably won’t listen to a 1.5hr interview (which I totally get), here are some of Kyle’s key concepts that I took from the podcast:

  • Step into the opportunity and the fear goes away.  The fear isn’t really about the thing you’re about to do – it’s about making the choice to do the thing you’re about to do.
  • When you come up against a problem, try asking yourself: what is trying to emerge out of what is happening? What kind of opportunity is hidden in this apparent problem?
  • Fall in love with your fear. When you feel nervous or scared about something, try shifting your words to add I LOVE that, at the end:  I’m nervous about [X], and I LOVE that!  See what shifts when you change your verbiage.  Lean into the issue with excitement, rather than running away from it.
  • Whatever you say you’re going to do something, means you are not there yet. Try putting statements about yourself in present tense, rather than future tense, e.g. I AM a writer, instead of I will be a writer after I finish this course.
  • When you’re scared to let go of something, you have fear because your mind can only measure what you will lose by that choice – and it can’t grasp what you might gain.

Small shifts like this are usually the easiest to make, and can make the biggest impact. If any of these ideas resonate for you, give them a try!