There is so much information out there about the spirit world that it can be overwhelming. To complicate matters, much of the messaging seems to vary, and some of it is even conflicting. 🤷

Each day I see someone telling me ‘how it is’ on some platform or another: what’s happening in the world on a spiritual level, retrogrades, massive shifts in energy, shifting timelines on a broad scale, numerological, astrological or angelic reasons for things happening on earth, or for why I might feel the way I do at this particular time – or what to do to feel better at this moment. They’re all shared with good intentions, but – so many things! 🤔

While I’ve taken in these pieces of information over the years with a curious mind and heart – much of what I’ve heard about the spiritual world doesn’t resonate for me.

I used to think I just didn’t understand; and I was confused, frustrated and disheartened.

I used to be on a quest for the one spiritual teacher or resource with the right answers.

I finally gained a deep sense of peace when I realized that no one person has the right answers or the correct concept of the spiritual world – because there AREN’T universally right answers in the area of spirit, intuition and healing, and there ISN’T one correct concept of the spiritual world.

We each have our own concept of the spiritual world, and it’s developed within each of us to the extent we wish to develop it.

We can take ideas from each other that resonate, but it’s OK to leave what doesn’t.

There are many possibilities, but no absolutes.

In my work doing intuition development, I open you up to possibility, but I don’t tell you that anything particular is ‘how it is.’

My approach to spiritual work is all about simplicity: getting away from the ‘shoulds’ and the ‘supposed-tos,’ and finding what resonates for YOU – however that looks and feels (which is likely very different from anyone else).❤