IF AND WHEN YOU HAVE SOME ENTHUSIASM, you feel happier, more energetic, a glimmer of excitement, a shift – follow that – follow your energy.

Curb the temptation to focus on why you haven’t felt that way until now, for such a long time, or even why it wasn’t there just yesterday.

Perhaps inquire within yourself as to what might have shifted or sparked the change.

If an answer comes to you right away, great, but if not – don’t struggle to figure out the ‘why.’ Just take it as it is and ride the wave of interest you have.

Stop yourself from wondering whether it will last:
~ let go of expectations or desperation for the burst of energy and excitement to last from here on in, and
~ let go of expectations or fears that it won’t last and will suddenly be gone.

Just as things are always changing in some way, it is possible to hold an expectation for things to change and that’s its own expectation that might not be met – or at least might not be met in the form or timeframe you thought.

Inviting you to take today as today is- in fact, each moment for what it is like – without resisting what is, and without expectations. Moment by moment. ❤

(Photo by Don Hamill, pexels(dot)com)