To the heartbroken, the sad, and the lonely – today on Valentine’s Day and always: remember that everything is always shifting.

Trust that there are joyful experiences yet to be had, no matter what your circumstance:

Seeing a smile in another.


Knowing you have guides and angels around you, supporting you all the time.

You are in charge of how you view any situation.

Once upon a time my heart was broken on Valentine’s Day. At the time I was inconsolable, but eventually I felt better.

It took time to heal.

It took creating new memories.

It took shifting my attitude: seeing it as a creation of space to welcome the new, rather than an absence of something I thought I needed. This took a long time for me – be patient with yourself.

It’s ok to feel what you feel.

Just remember to allow a little light in at some points.

Bring yourself back to the present moment when you notice yourself drifting to fears or focusing on what is absent. Notice something beautiful that is around you, or bring to mind a happy memory or image, and allow it to lift your spirits and smile – if even for a moment. ❤