This morning I sat down and tuned-in to do a short session – focusing in on A MESSAGE TO SHARE WITH YOU, reader – and by short session I mean really mini, maybe 3min. 😉
Of course, arguably all the writing I do and share on here is intuitively guided – as is yours! We’re all connected to our intuition and inner voice, and that often that comes through more easily in our writing.
But this morning I intentionally tuned in – a little more like I do in a session – to see what little kernels of inspiration and images might come through in just a few minutes.
The word that came up right away – INTEGRATION. The message that came along with it: Whatever it is that is on the surface of your attention – perhaps something you feel hesitant about, perhaps what you find interesting but you keep skimming over and not spending time on, perhaps it’s a project that you’ve been contemplating – allow it to integrate a little deeper within, give it space, notice it expand.
As you do this, the paths, the possibilities, the options, what feels right about it – all become more evident and your focus becomes clearer. What is important rises to the top, and what is extraneous falls into the background.
Then, a blue sphere appeared in my mind’s eye, which I saw as relating to EASE AND FLOW IN THE AREA OF COMMUNICATION: trust your voice, trust in what you have to say and share.
No urgency or rushing is required, just share from a calm and centred place. This will allow exactly what needs to be shared, what is of utmost benefit – to be received by those who need the information at just the right time.
The word integration and the image of a blue sphere – perhaps these things spark different ideas or hold other messages for you – if so, trust your own interpretation. What I offer are suggestions and ideas – not directives or prescriptions.
I simply invite you to see how what I’ve shared might align within your day today.
Wishing you a day of smooth communication and clear integration – in whatever way those things resonate for you.
(Photo by Bogdan Dirica, pexels(dot)com)