(Originally posted July, 2018)

I created this space to share my experiences, my realizations and a-ha moments, ponderings, and things that just make me laugh. I make no claim to have it all figured out and I’m very much a work in progress; but every day I make an effort to learn more about overall wellness – mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical – and work to improve myself, which benefits my relationships with friends, family and clients.  I want to share what I’m learning. Here are a few key reasons I’m starting this now:

  • This is an opportunity for those interested in my healing services to get to know me a little by reading about my journey and experiences.
  • Friends, family, and acquaintances can gain some insight into who I am, my perspective, how I have changed (or not), etc.  I can share things here that I don’t necessarily get an opportunity to delve into during the never-long-enough coffee dates and phone conversations with friends and loved ones.
  • To create a written record of reminders for myself. Crafting a piece of writing about an a-ha moment or realization may help it sink into my psyche, my heart, my soul – more deeply – and why not share it with you all at the same time!
  • Most importantly, maybe there are one or two people out there – friends, family, or people I’ve never even met – who share a similar perspective and/or may identify with experiences I’ve had, and feel a sense of community here.  Maybe reading my stories will spark an idea, or a new approach or perspective or practice will resonate for you that you find valuable at this moment in your life.

We’re all weird and wonderful and unique and unusual – each in our own beautiful way. There’s nothing wrong with any of us, despite a society that often tells us that there is because we don’t fit into a particular mould or aren’t doing what everyone else is.  It’s just a matter of finding that sweet spot of being comfortable with ourselves and our own originality, knowing that the very things that make us different from everyone else are key parts of what make us such treasures.

Ultimately, remember to be gentle with yourself, and treat yourself as you would your very best friend – because you are!  You’re the one person you can count on, 100%, for your entire lifetime!

I’m not sure at this point what all will unfold in this blog, but I welcome you to pop in and take a look every now and then – let’s see where it goes!

Welcome, and thank you for stopping by!