NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POSITIVE IMPACT YOU HAVE ON OTHERS. Your ideas, your actions, your words – intentional or unintentional, the just-who-you-are attributes and those you’ve worked hard at honing, the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ decisions you’ve made – these things all impact others positively.

Yes, positively – in some way. 🤓

The impact may be learning through observation of a so-called ‘bad’ decision or mistake, perhaps with a thought of: Oh gosh, I see what happened there. I will aim not to make the same mistake they did!

Or, perhaps the impact is by you modeling something – an attribute, a way of being or communicating or carrying yourself. Someone else sees this and takes from it an idea or inspiration for themselves. (And you will likely never even know what attribute it is that someone else values so highly).

Yes – you too, the quiet introvert who doesn’t feel they contribute very much. I see you, and hear you saying: But I’m so quiet, I probably don’t impact many people.

You do. ☺

Someone notices your silence, and takes something valuable from that.

A talkative extrovert is inspired by your quiet demeanor, and considers being quieter more often in order to contemplate or listen more fully. Another introvert sees you and breathes a sigh of relief, thinking: Whew, I’m not the only quiet one.

Your positive contributions to others, your impact on others – takes more shapes than simply interaction and conversation.
You are having an impact.

The work you do to become a ‘better’ version of you than you were yesterday (whatever that means for you) serves you well, but it perhaps serves others most of all. Your impact is far-reaching.

Wishing you a day of ease. ❤