Oracle Playing Cards

Welcome to this multi-purpose Oracle Playing Card Deck!  

• The messages on the cards and in the guidebook came from my spirit guides and I was guided to share them in this way. I trust that you will find value in them.

• Use it for regular card games requiring the usual four suits.

• Use it as an oracle deck: pull cards and receive messages. 

• Above all, use these cards with a pure intention. Hold your highest good – and the highest good of others – in your heart.

Scroll further down for guidance on ways to use this as an oracle deck.

 Oracle Playing Card Messages


2You are loved. You are loved, no matter what the outcome.

3Present moment.  Release all thoughts of yesterday and how it could have been done better. Let go of the future and concerns about how it may turn out. You are here, now. What joy can be found in this moment?

4Get clear on your desire. What do you really, truly desire? It’s time to set it into motion by getting clear about it. Say it aloud or write it down, and put it out to the universe with trust and a heartfelt intention. What would it feel like to have what you desire? Spend some time immersed in the feeling that you already have it.

5Cheer others on. You help others soar with your inspiration, support, and cheering-on of their good deeds and successes. However minor or major the feat may seem, do not underestimate the value of the encouragement you bring by sharing your kind words.

6No regrets.  “There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” William Shakespeare wrote this in the play, Hamlet. Nothing is a win or a loss, nor is there a right or a wrong choice. Each decision and each outcome is simply a doorway to a different part of your journey in this lifetime.

7Already within.  The quality you seek to gain:  courage, confidence, self-control, focus – whatever it may be – is already within you, just waiting to be uncovered. Let go of the belief that it will be found outside yourself. Get quiet and gently ask your soul what is needed to reveal this quality you already possess.

8Trust.  Trust your intuition. Trust your choices. Trust your guides. Trust that you can make any change you wish to make. Trust that there are no wrong choices, just different choices that lead to different paths. Trust that all is unfolding as it is meant to for your highest good and learning, in every moment.

9Tune-In. Tune-in to a higher vibration. As though merging onto a freeway without any traffic, move swiftly beyond resistance, conflict, and anger. Rest into the cruise-control of allowing, acceptance, openness, and clarity. If you are unsure how to do this, begin by focusing on one thing you can identify as favourable in your experience or environment right now – wherever you are – and however small it may be.

10Connection. There is a connection to be made and you are the one to make it. It might be between other people, between yourself and another, or a connection of a different kind. Make the connection confidently, and with care.

Jack – Contemplation. Find some time to connect inward, in quiet reflection.  What comes up during this time? Take note. If it brings up resistance – mental, emotional, or physical – this area simply requires more love and attention. Intend for whatever may feel stuck or tense to be released, relaxed, and more open.

QueenWorthy.  You have ultimate worthiness and value, just as you are – not tomorrow, not in a year’s time, not when you finish the certification, get the job, or meet your perfect mate – right now. Sit with this. Feel the truth in it, if even for a split second. You are worthy.

KingDivine timing. All is revealed in divine timing. Gift yourself patience, and then trust in the process.

AceNothing to fear. There is nothing to fear. Stop avoiding what you have not yet dealt with. Starting it, facing it, going through it, experiencing it – will offer you the knowledge you require to grow.


2Levity and brightness. Laugh. Release the tension and seriousness. You’ve spent too long in the shadows, so much time has been spent in deep thought and analysis on this issue. It’s time to allow more light in.

3Listen to your intuition. Listen closely for your intuition and trust its messages. What idea or answer comes up?  What feels right? What brings you excitement – before you think yourself out of it? What happens if you pay attention to that idea, and allow it to take root?

4Unconventional solutions. Openness creates space for the solution to be found in your heart. It may not be the solution you expected, or the one you thought made the most sense, logically, but feel the lightness and ease as you consider it. Release the tension created by the analysis and deliberation in the thinking mind, and follow the guidance of your heart.

5Now is the time. You pick up on what is relevant to you in each moment. If you missed something before now, it wasn’t meant for you then. Noticing it now simply means this is the best time for you to hear it, see it, and integrate it. You are not behind, or too late ~ you are right on time for your journey.

6Clarity in simplicity. Trim away unnecessary elaboration and, with kindness, cut to the chase. Those receiving your message will appreciate it, and results will be favourable. All will find clarity in the simplicity you create.

7Be of service. Someone is in need of help and you are the one to provide it. How can you be of service? There is no one right answer. You will make a difference. The universe will support you over and over again when you support others.

8Ease. There is ease in every moment from this point forward today. If you feel yourself beginning to struggle, simply bring the word “ease” into your awareness, say it out loud or silently, take a deep breath, and set the intention to release whatever is not serving you right now.

9Start small. Do not seek all the answers at once. Begin to solve mysteries and find solutions in one small corner of your world. Celebrate each success, each new piece of knowledge gained, and allow that to propel you forward.

10Healing.  A part of you needs some healing and attention right now. What is coming into your awareness as you read this? Send that part of you some loving energy, perhaps by way of a simple kind thought about yourself – focusing on that area of your body or your consciousness. Rest if that is needed. Enlist the help of a practitioner if that feels right. Move your body if necessary and possible. Honour your needs today.

JackAsk questions. Allow details to come forward in time, without pressure, without judgment or filtering by the thinking mind. Ask questions of the guides and angels who are with you, even if you can’t sense that they are there (they are). Do not attempt to control or rush the process. All will be revealed in divine timing.

QueenTreat yourself. Add value and joy – to your day, to your project, to your experience – in a way that feels right and is important to you, even if it seems impractical or frivolous. Treat yourself.

KingBig picture.  Being deeply immersed in details requires the balance of an occasional reminder of the overall purpose. Step back and survey the big picture:  this current experience is just one part of it. Everything is happening for your highest good, no matter how you feel right now.

AceLearning. If a challenging experience has been had, or a startling response received, ask your higher self, a guide, an angel, spirit, or source:  How can this be helpful to me on my journey? What can I learn from this? Notice what comes into your awareness – or your mind’s eye – as soon as you ask the question – perhaps a word, an image, a scene, a feeling. Allow this to simply integrate, and it will enhance your journey. Express gratitude. Then, release the experience from your thinking mind and analysis. Let it go.


2Get out of your comfort zone. Be seen and heard in a way that feels right for you. Consider this a gentle nudge to be courageous, divert from your usual well-trodden path, change up that old routine. This is where growth happens.

3Stability with agility. You adapt easily.  You are agile when a new response or shift in direction is required, while staying firm to your values and purpose. Remain open when considering other options, different processes, and when unexpected decisions are to be made.

4A gift awaits you.  Something awaits you which will bring you joy very soon. Release the tendency to get lost in wondering what it might be, but keep an eye out. Simply be open to allowing in the magic – in whatever form it comes.

5Discovery. What have you recently learned? Perhaps something about yourself, about someone or something else? What do you observe about yourself right now?  What about your surroundings?  Continue to be open to new discoveries.

6Share with others. Impart something to another, however small it may be:  resources, knowledge, a smile, a supportive message. Both of you will feel the positive effects for days to come.

7You are capable.  Do not think yourself out of your work, task, or project:  that it is too hard, or too much, or how much you dislike it. It is within your grasp. Choose thoughts and actions that serve you favourably. Pause for a moment:  Consider what thoughts are helping you to do your work with more ease? What thoughts feel good? Bring more of these thoughts into your awareness. This will help you work more efficiently.

8Protection. Set boundaries. Perhaps spiritual, physical, or relationship-related – take care to protect the area of you that comes up as needing it most at this time.  This is important for you today.

9Patience.  Each encounter and experience we have – difficult or easy – serves to help us grow. It is time to remember to have patience with ourselves and others. A reminder to you that each person you encounter is doing their best wherever they are, with what they have, and what they know – including you.

10Gratitude. Consider your human friends, your animal friends, your spirit friends. Take a moment to send a simple intentional thought full of gratitude to thank them for what they bring into your life.

JackMake a Change. What adjustment have you been meaning to make?  Investigate it further if you feel it is necessary, and then take the first step toward making the change.

QueenTake action.  It is time to make a move. Perhaps you have been procrastinating or in a state of uncertainty. Make a decision that shifts you in the direction that feels right. Notice the sensation of achievement in the forward movement – however small the step, or however big the leap.

KingTake a break.  Take a step back, take a breath, and take a break. Rushing and impatience pushes the answer further away. What you seek will be found on the other side of the break you take.

AceSurrender.  Release attempts to control others’ actions and reactions. Surrender to the acceptance of what you can control:  your attitude, your reaction, your approach, your integrity. Do what you can with what you know and what you have in every moment. The outcome is not in your control.


2Sail to uncharted waters. Time to explore. Be guided by your inner compass. Try something new, however small:  a different route, make a new contact, investigate an idea. What can this newness bring to you, what sort of life enrichment:  Inspiration? Learning? Adventure? A sense of peace? Comfort?

3Go easy on yourself.  Stop the self-criticism. It might be so subtle and so frequent you don’t even realize it’s happening. It’s time to say something kind to yourself. Be a friend to yourself, not a critic.

4External validation not required. Outside feedback will only serve to support or resist what you already know is right for you. Get quiet, and feel your vibration raise as you notice the answer that is already in your awareness. Allow it to come to the forefront. More than anyone else’s opinion, advice, or judgment:  What feels right to you?

5Creative expression. Notice what’s coming up in your mind’s eye right now. A word, a story, an image, a scene, a feeling – whether simple or extravagant – allow creativity within you to arise and be expressed freely, without judgment or self-criticism. What can you create out of what has come up?

6Unique broadcast. Others pick up on how you carry yourself, how you communicate, and simply your energy field. This is your unique broadcast. Those who resonate with it will be attracted, and those who do not will move on from your life both for their highest good – and yours. Those who are in your life now, are here for a reason.

7Stay curious. Much is yet to be discovered about what you are going through. There is more to this situation or experience than is on the surface. Stay curious and inquisitive.

8Butterfly effect. Every experience, however small, has value and importance. A seemingly insignificant interaction or action – something as small as the flapping of a butterfly’s wings – can have far-reaching immeasurable impacts on others that you will never be fully aware of in this lifetime. This is the butterfly effect. For example, the compliment you paid to the stranger on the street may have inspired them to take action, or simply filled them with joy for the rest of their day.

9Keep going. Keep moving forward. Take a break if you need. Adjust your course if it doesn’t feel quite right. But don’t give up. Now is the time for resilience, perseverance, and focus.

10Intention. Place a loving intention at the heart of your goal:  What magnificent outcome do you envision arising from this? What is the best possible result you can imagine? Nurture this intention with curiosity and openness, and surrender to fact that while you do not control the outcome. Your requests for what you want are valuable and important. Trust that that whatever arises out of this project is for your highest good.

JackNeutrality. We see and judge the world as though through a lens or a window:  its thickness, colour, and opacity ever-changing based on our experiences. Open up that window and view the world with a newfound clear neutrality:  that each event is simply happening. There is no “good” or “bad” assigned to each one, until you make a choice to define it.

Queen Starlight. Allow your attention to be drawn to a certain area of you:  your body, your life, your work, your consciousness. Whatever is drawing your attention is reflecting the starlight of your inner being, guiding you to what needs your focus right now. Where is your attention drawn? What does this tell you about what is for your highest good at this time? What would support this part of you at the moment?

KingDiscernment. Select that which suits you best, and leave the rest. Pick up ideas from others – guidance, suggestions, advice – taking only what resonates for you. Allow others’ input and advice not to dictate how you do what you do, but consider whether it will enhance or detract from your own one-of-a-kind approach.

AceOpen to new possibilities. Open yourself up to new possibilities, even if you cannot fathom what they are yet.  Allow your grip on that strongly held belief or opinion to loosen slightly. It is safe to allow new information in, and let your beliefs grow, and shift a little.



• Guided by imagination. Let ego’s fear and worry float past. Don’t engage with them. Set them aside. Allow imagination to fuel you, instead. Find moments to welcome in the light and loving ideas from your higher self and your intuition. Not sure how? Simply get quiet for a moment, and notice whatever comes into your awareness that has a loving or neutral vibe to it (no fear or resistance). That’s it, that’s all!


• Twists and turns. You are always led to the right place at the right time on your journey in this lifetime. You may be encountering detours and delays, but this is where learning and growth can be found. 

Graphic art credit for these cards goes to Dexter Martin Photography & Design who was instrumental in bringing this idea and these cards to life!  ~

How to use this Oracle Playing Card Deck

Selecting a Card

 1) Hold the cards and set the intention. In other words, ask for the most appropriate card and message be revealed – for you or the person for whom you are pulling the card. 

Keep the questions relatively open, and avoid Yes/No questions.

Focus on seeking what is for your highest good in the present moment or near future, not fortune-telling, or absolutes about what will happen.

Examples of what you may wish to ask about:

• An approach or a way forward regarding a current situation, relationship, decision, or area of your life.

• Which area of my life needs some attention right now?

• A helpful message about a relationship with someone.

• What is important for me be mindful of when making the decision about [X]?

Create your own – the options are limitless!  

2) Shuffle the deck, or fan out the cards.  Do this with the cards face-down so that you cannot see what is on each card.

3) Select a card. If you feel called to choose more than one – go for it! A card (or a few) may jump out while shuffling – which usually means they are meant to be chosen. There is no wrong way to choose a card. Go with what feels right, choose what card you are drawn to.

4) Turn the card over.  One or several words are on each card, in addition to the suit and number or face (e.g. Jack, Queen, etc).

5) To find meaning in the card, here are two options :

a) Scroll up to the Oracle Playing Card Messages section and find your card and read its accompanying longer message. 


b)  Use your intuition to find the meaning of the card without referring to the Oracle Playing Card Messages on this webpage. 

Notice the word(s) colours, numbers, and images on the card. 

Ask yourself:  what does this card relate to for you?

• Consider what comes into your awareness as soon as you see the card, before you begin judging or analyzing what comes up.

• The number or face-card (Jack, Queen, King), the suit, its colour – might there be meaning in any of these?  You may consult a reference on numerology (finding meaning in numbers) as this may hold relevant information for you. 

• Don’t struggle or force it.  You don’t need to search for a complex, detailed message, it is usually very simple. 

• The words on the card may be all that is relevant for you today; or, simply go back to option (a) and scroll up to find the card that matches the suit for the message listed there.

Pulling Cards in a Spread, and for a Group

A multi-card spread

Set the intention for the cards – that is, define what each card will represent.

Example – three cards in a row:

1st card – at left.  Set the intention for this card to relate to an aspect of the situation you may not be aware of; 

2nd card- in the centre.  Set the intention that this card show something to be careful of, relating to the situation;

3rd card –  at right.  Ask that this card represent how you may consider moving forward in the situation.

Shuffle the cards, and select three cards placing them, left to right.  Read the messages related to the cards.

The options are endless for this – a row, a design. Experiment and have fun with it!

With a group of friends

Ask question, set the intention for the card being pulled. 

Shuffle the cards. 

Deal a card to each person, or fan them out and allow each person to choose which cards they like.  

Each person can share the card they received, and read aloud the message from above (scroll up). 

Most of all, remember there is not one right way to use these cards. 

Allow yourself to be guided by your heart, do what feels right, and – enjoy!

With gratitude,

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