The Confidence Builder & Mini Confidence Builder – Four Week Inner Explorations

Gain greater trust in yourself, your choices, & your own intuitive connection and abilities. 

Feel empowered and confident, no longer allowing the the fear of what others think to hold you back.

You struggle with doubt and fear – perhaps about the intuitive messages you’re getting or in another area of your life – or maybe you fear what others think of you.

What The Confidence Builder is all about: 

~ It’s about discovering your inner power and confidence – likely stuck beneath some layers of limiting beliefs, some fear, and perhaps other issues holding you back. This will involve inner exploration and excavation via energy and intuitive work.

~ While my goal is to help you build confidence and get over fear and doubt, I don’t make promises about specific outcomes or complete resolution. Issues at the root of your struggles can be buried deep within, and resolution can take time – to unearth, to find your way through them. I stay flexible to go in the direction that best suits your needs and interests.

~ There will be guided practice to get you tuning into your intuition – particularly if it’s your own intuitive work that you full of doubt, e.g. not trusting the messages you’re getting.

~ You’ll get coaching and support around how to harness and strengthen your own intuition to bolster your confidence.

Well-suited to you if you’re:

~ Struggling with doubt around your abilities in an area of your life; and/or 

~ Often fearing what others think; and/or

~ Struggling to trust the messages you’re getting- and wonder if you’re doing it right; 

~ Not holding on tight to specific expectations, or an instant resolution.

~ Open to visualization, receiving intuitive messages and energy work – and using your intuition.

~ Interested in frequent connection over 4 weeks.

What’s included over the 4 weeks:

6hr (6 x 1hr) one-on-one sessions by Zoom or phone

2.25hr (9 x 15min) remote sessions of intuitive messages in an email summary – no technology connection required OR 1hr (3 x 20min) sessions by Zoom or phone.

Connection by text/online-messenger for the 4 weeks and beyond.

Price - The Confidence Builder:

Savings of over $300 - booking these sessions one-by-one would be over $960.

Price - Mini Confidence Builder:

$325.  Includes half of what's listed for The Confidence Builder. Can be upgraded to the full program later on.
Savings of over $150 - booking these sessions one-by-one would be over $480.

Canadian dollars. GST will be added for Canadian residents.

'BUT... will it be worth it?' ... you wonder

How about this:

I will give you a full refund if you don't find working with me to be worthwhile. 

‘I feel like this program definitely helped shift me to where I needed to be. I don’t know if I would be in the same heart and head space without it – I am so much more confident now.’ ~Toni, four-week program participant, 2020.

Want to test the waters with a session or two, first? 

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