Oracle Cards

Oracle Cards

Oracle Playing Cards

Multi-purpose card deck.

Receive inspiration, guidance, and insight by pulling cards.

Play standard card games.

A great way to develop your intuition.

One part oracle card deck…

Each of 54 cards with a unique message of one or a few words.

Longer messages for each card on a separate webpage, serving as the accompanying guidebook, such as:

King of Spades– Discernment. Select that which suits you best, and leave the rest. Pick up ideas from others – guidance, suggestions, advice – taking only what resonates for you. Allow others’ input and advice not to dictate how you do what you do, but consider whether it will enhance or detract from your own one-of-a-kind approach.

Get more comfortable trusting your own intuition as you begin to notice the meaning in each card, as it relates to you and your life at that particular time.

…the other part playing cards

52 cards + 2 Jokers
4 suits of 13 cards
Uniquely designed card faces
Suitable for standard card games such as Go Fish!, Poker, Gin-Rummy, etc.
Poker size cards 2.5″x3.5″
Playing card quality
Clear hard-plastic case



1 deck – $35 CAD
2 or more decks – $25 CAD each when shipped to the same address.
Shipping – flat rate of $15 CAD within Canada and the US.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Within Calgary and area, pickup or delivery may be possible. Contact me to make arrangements.

Payable by e-transfer (from Canadian financial institutions), PayPal, Visa or Mastercard.

Working Together

One-on-one work with me.
Notice, strengthen, and trust your intuitive connection.

Single Sessions

Clarity. Exploration. Deep relaxation.

Courses and Packages 

In-depth work in different focus areas.
Tailored to your interests.
Follow your curiosity.

Reach out - let's chat first!

Exploring your intuitive connection is personal.

You want to work with someone you trust and with whom you feel comfortable.

I also want to make sure that what you're looking for is something I'm able to provide.

A good way to get an idea of my approach and get a sense of whether it would be a good fit to work together is to have a conversation. 

Chat is by zoom or phone.

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