My Approach

My Approach

My aim is to help you develop your own unique way of working with your intuition, gently guiding you to make your own discoveries. I coach you as you explore what is beyond perception by the five senses, noticing what comes up and trusting what resonates, so you can find the next step and a way forward that feels right to you.

Instead of being told exactly what to do or how to do it, it's my view that we benefit most from being offered ideas and possibilities, and being supported as we make the connections that feel right to us. 

The main tenets of my work

Intuition is individual

What our intuition is, what it means to us, how we use it, and what we gain from it is as unique as we are – and our approach and practice is continually evolving and shifting along with our experiences. We benefit from being opened up to ideas and possibilities, and from guidance and encouragement to tune-in and find our own answers. Our experiences and the answers that we get don't have to be the same as someone else's - in fact, they rarely are.

There isn't just one right way

When it comes to intuition, there isn't just one 'right' way to do it, nor is there one correct answer you must 'get' in order to be 'right.'  It's not about being right or wrong. Holding this belief perpetuates the 'shoulds' and 'supposed tos' that feed the fear that you could do it 'wrong' (which you can't). Fear blurs your connection. Intuition development is about trusting your own answers. 

A session is like an expedition

Much like the value and invigoration that comes from a vacation, or from of taking in the scenery when visiting a new place, or from being captivated by a great book or show – working on your intuitive connection can be just as refreshing.

The only prerequisites

The only prerequisites for doing intuitive work are having a curious, open mind, and holding a pure intention - one of causing no harm, that also has the highest good of all at its core.

No absolutes

I’m not about telling you ‘how it is’ in absolutes about you, the intuitive insights either of us receive, or what exists beyond our five senses – nor do I tell you what decision to make or what the future holds. Anything is possible, so there is no need for 'always' or 'never.'

Empowering you to trust yourself

I tune-in on an intuitive level and offer up ideas and possibilities. I hold space as you notice what resonates, and as you discover your own intuitive insights. My aim is to help you get comfortable discerning what resonates from what doesn't. Through this you begin to trust your own way of working with your intuition.

Simplicity is key

Intuitive practice is about getting comfortable with the answers that come with ease and comfort, not struggle or resistance. The more you struggle and 'try' because you think it's going to be hard - the more difficult it is. Nothing in this field is as complicated as you might think. 

Working Together

One-on-one work with me.
Notice, strengthen, and trust your intuitive connection.

Single Sessions

Clarity. Exploration. Deep relaxation.

Courses and Packages

In-depth work in different focus areas.
Tailored to your interests.
Follow your curiosity.

Try a session for FREE

The best way to get an idea of my approach and what a session is like is to try one.

Exploring your intuitive connection is very personal. You want to work with someone you trust and with whom you feel comfortable. I also want to make sure that what you're looking for is something I'm able to provide.

If what I do piques your interest, consider giving it a try. No commitment or expectation - just a session.

All sessions with me are done over zoom or by phone.

Doubt Less, Trust More

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