A little about the modalities woven into each session to best suit your needs and interests.

Akashic Records

The akashic records are an energetic, vibrational imprint of everything – every experience, emotion, word spoken, action, thought, event, etc. – that has ever occurred. Everything your soul has experienced, in all lifetimes, is stored there.

A window into your past lives and your soul’s experiences to help you understand the root causes of issues you may be dealing with today. The records can provide a greater understanding as to the “why” of certain situations and issues in this lifetime.

Ever wonder why:
• you have a strong connection to someone?  You keep being drawn together, whether it feels good or not?
• you have an intense fear of something, but no conscious memory of why?
• you feel stuck in an area of your life?

Limiting beliefs, fears, and experiences from previous lifetimes can be carried within our spirit and can be triggered by things that happen in this lifetime. They can be cleared away if they’re no longer serving you and you’re ready to release them. Relief and freedom can be felt when we let go of a baggage we likely didn’t even realize we were carrying – possibly for many lifetimes!

Akashic Records Courses offer an opportunity to learn to access your own records and help others access theirs.

Angelic Healing

Like all energy work and spirituality, working with angels looks different to everyone. Jophiel, Sandalphon, Metatron are names of a few of the infinite number of angels I’ve found to be powerful energies offering supportive, comforting, soothing, and intensive clearing and healing. These energies are part of everyone’s spiritual support team, coming forward to varying degrees for each of us.

Energy Work - Reiki

There is energy flow in and around our physical bodies. As a spirit or soul (whatever word you prefer) we are energy in a physical body. The flow of this energy can be impacted by everyday interactions and experiences: it can become slow-moving, stagnant or stuck in an area as we resist ideas, experience stress and emotions, react to situations, and so on. The impact often goes unnoticed or we may only be aware of the symptom – such as physical pain, illness, fatigue, mental fog, anxiety – because we can’t actually see the root cause.

Energy modalities like reiki involve the shifting, clearing and replenishing of this energy in and around the physical body in order to facilitate more free-flowing energy.

Setting an intention for resolution, staying open to whatever arises, coupled with effective shifting and clearing the energy – all work together to spark you into healing mode from the spiritual and energetic level all the way down to your cells. This results in improved overall wellness, and can positively impact your ability to handle daily life.

The results of energy work are as varied as each person is unique, but often include: greater mental clarity and focus, motivation and increased energy level, improved resilience, feelings of peace and contentment.

Mediumship - Connecting to Spirit

People often have different interpretations of the word mediumship. I use it to mean communicating with spirit, or source, or the universe (whatever word you prefer) via spirit messengers.

Spirit messengers may come in the form of guides, angels, spirit animals and other beings, or even loved ones who have passed on. My view is that it’s less about which being it is, and more about the message itself and the feeling it brings.

Source is working with each of us all the time – it’s like we each have our own spiritual support team. We’re always being nudged toward options for our highest good – even if we don’t notice the signs and signals being sent.

Messages can be relayed through other people, oracle cards, lyrics in songs on the radio, images or thoughts that come to us seemingly out-of-the-blue – and so many more ways. Often we dismiss the guidance as coincidence or simply our thoughts.

Receiving and relaying messages is a part of each session, but you’re also welcome to bring questions.

Oracle Card Reading

One of the ways source (your guides and angels) can send us messages is through oracle cards. Cards can help confirm decisions already made, spark inspiration or guidance around the direction you’re headed, insight around a particular situation or area of your life, or simply generate an idea or reminder of the spiritual support you have beyond our 3D world and the five senses.

Yoga Nidra

A gentle way to remove limiting beliefs. A journey to the state between wakefulness and sleep. Similar to a guided meditation, but with more structure and intention.

It’s a completely still practice usually done in savasana – that is, laying on your back, palms up. The physical, mental, emotional and energetic aspects of you are sequentially guided into a state of complete relaxation in order explore your inner consciousness.

The term san kalpa is used in yoga nidra. This is a heartfelt intention, or a short positive statement in present tense (e.g. using “am” not “will be”) – which reflects a way of being that you aspire to, e.g. I am valued for who I am, I feel free, I am calm, I embody joyfulness, and so on — the options are endless, and always your choice.

In this receptive state, you are able to counteract and overwrite limiting beliefs running in your subconscious by introducing your chosen san kalpa.

A full session can be as refreshing as 2 to 3 hours of deep sleep. I often use components of the deep relaxation techniques in my sessions.

All sessions are currently offered online by Zoom or by phone.

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