Intuition Development Courses

One-on-one guidance.

Learn to access and develop your intuition. Access information for yourself and others. Support and guide others in tuning in to their own intuition. 

Discover your process • Uncover meaningful answers & info • Learn how it can help you

Intuition is our direct line to our inner-consciousness and our own inner wisdom – often overshadowed by the loud mental chatter of the thinking mind. Some might say our intuition is a connection to spirit or universal wisdom. Whatever way you think of it, we all have the ability to access meaningful information through our mind’s eye and our heart –  beyond our five senses.

Intuition development is about:  being guided to tune in, being nudged and supported, and being opened up to ideas and possibilities. It’s not about rules, levels, competition or comparison. The only requirement is a pure intention.

All is possible. No one is more or less advanced than another. Everyone is on their own unique journey of exploration. 

Endless discoveries await.
There is no one right way – there’s YOUR way.


Learn how to tune in to your intuition to get info, messages and images that may spark creativity, resolution, clarity, relief – or are just plain fascinating. You might discover beliefs or other issues that are holding you back or no longer serving you, and learn your own way of dealing with them. And so much more – all is possible and there are no rules.

Time commitment:  5 hours of one-on-one  guidance, usually over 2- to 4-weeks.

Price:  $500


Further intuitive exploration for you, and working with others:  how you might pick things up intuitively for others and how to trust what you get, as well as helping others access their intuition. Includes practice sessions with others.

Ahead of Option 2 you might have done: Option 1, or one of the Four-Week Inner Explorations, or simply a session or two with me.

Time commitment:  5 hours of one-on-one guidance, usually over 2- to 4-weeks.

Price:  $500


For those keen to have even more guided exploration, and delve deeper.

Ahead of Option 3, you might have done:  Option 1 and/or 2, or one of the Four-Week Inner Explorations, or simply a session or two with me. 

Time commitment:  4 hours of one-on-one guidance, usually over 2- to 3-weeks.

Pricing:  $400

All prices are in Canadian dollars. GST will be added for Canadian residents.

'Carla teaches in a way that makes the Akashic Records* simple to understand and easy to connect with, in a profound way. ... I highly recommend taking your spiritual abilities to the next level with her!' ~Dawn Catena

*An earlier version of the intuition development courses were taught as akashic records courses. 

All sessions are currently offered online by Zoom or by phone.

Let's connect to see if working together feels like a good fit.